Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling & Addiction

Problem gambling is an extreme urge to gamble continually without thinking about the negative results or long term ramifications. There are millions of people in the United States who have encountered issues with gambling addiction. Research has estimated that over two million people have a gambling addiction, and between four to six million implied to have a problem with gambling. Problem gambling without help continues to destroy individuals, relationships, families, finances, jobs, and careers.

There are countless opportunities to gamble throughout the state of Illinois and in our local communities.  Individuals gamble through lottery tickets, scratch-offs, bingo, raffles, sport boards, sports betting, card games, online gaming, dice, video poker, slots, and casinos.  Many people gamble without understanding the outcome and risks that follow when they choose to “PLAY THE GAME.”

Research shows certain people groups show higher risk of developing a Problem

Some people can gamble without issues. They can walk away, win or lose, and is not problematic. Others can experience the following behavior:

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