ASAM level II Intensive Rehabilitation

 The Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is designed for those patients who have gone through our intake process and have been assessed as being dependent on alcohol and or drugs.  The program has a variable length of stay, which is determined through the utilization of ASAM criteria to assess the severity of the addiction.
Case Management
Services Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling is an extreme urge to gamble continually without thinking about the negative results or long-term ramifications. There are millions of people in the US who have encountered issues with gambling addiction. Problem Gambling without help continues to destroy individuals, relationships, families, finances, jobs, and careers. Our program offers the help you need today. For more information call (217) 274 -7336

Spanish Services Offered

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Aftercare Program

ASAM Level I Outpatient Counseling (OP) Abuse

This program is for clients with a diagnosis of chemical abuse and or dependence alcohol/drug abusers and meets the requirements of DUI referrals who have been classified as level II, moderate, significant and level III-dependent. 
ASAM Level I Outpatient Counseling (OP) 
After successfully completing the intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program, patients may be referred to the Outpatient counseling.  This is a continued counseling program. 
Alpha Omega Counseling Services is YOUR certified Counseling and Addiction Treatment Center.  Serving Illinois & Indiana.
“One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.“   
              -Sigmund Freud

DUI Evaluations

Aftercare Group –aftercare care group of patients who have been diagnosed as being dependent on alcohol and or drugs and patients who have been diagnosed as having an abuse problem.
DUI Evaluations –Conducted as the initial screening to obtain significant and relevant information from the offender about the nature and extent of use of alcohol/other drugs in order to identify the offender’s risk to public safety for the court of venue or the office of the Secretary of state.
  • ASAM Level II Outpatient Program
  • Case Management Services for Intensive Outpatients
  • ASAM Level I Outpatient Counseling (OP) Abuse
  • ASAM Level I Outpatient Counseling (OP) 
  • After Group
  • DUI Evaluations
  • Risk Classes

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